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Install the module on your own Website, Facebook page, wherever you want … Fast and easy, installation will only take a few minutes.

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Connect to your GuestOnline account from your smartphone, iPad or computer. Add your reservations whenever you want, all is synchronised !

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And now, build customer loyalty !

Thanks to our technology, you can generate a customer database with no effort ! GuestOnline will provide you with the tools needed to send your email and sms campaigns to build customers’ loyalty.

We defend restaurateurs’ independence

Free unlimited online reservations.

You own your customer database.

Made in France and chosen by French Chefs !

Today, online reservations should be free ! Defend your independence and add an online booking service for your clients, directly on your website. With GuestOnline, the online booking module integrated on your Website and your Facebook page is entirely free. The online reservations are unlimited and totally free, whatever the volume.

Too often, by accepting the conditions of online reservations directories, you have to share your customer database. This database is incredibly important for you as it is part of your restaurant’s assets, but it is also important to ensure that your clients’ privacy is respected. That’s why it is necessary for you to be the unique owner of this database.

Our team is entirely based in France, including technical development and restaurateurs support teams. By working closely with you and your environment, we are able to understand your daily requirements and adapt our tool to your profession.

A plan for each restaurant

In all our plans, the online reservations are free and unlimited. Choose next how you wish to use your reservation diary.

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Manage your reservation module from your smartphone.
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All your reservations are synchronised on all your devices (smartphone, iPad, computer…).
Your new generation reservation diary !



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Generate your customers database and send email and sms campaigns.
Build your customers’ loyalty very easily !

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