A restaurant booking system that helps you focus on what matters most : your clients 

Reservation tools

Advanced settings of your openings, intelligent booking module, multi-services management, dynamic graphical floor plan and a lot more. Offer your clients a smooth and efficient booking experience. Pilot your restaurant very simply. Switch on and enjoy.

Client Experience

Before, during and after. We’ve thought through your client experience. Booking history, tags, segmentation, clients’ reviews, intelligent search, detailed client profiles will allow you to improve your customer service daily and effortlessly. Offer a unique experience and earn more by knowing your clients better. Simply magic. 

Anti no-show

Who likes last minute no-shows ? Nobody. Loss of revenue, food waste and time loss for your staff. Save money with our online prepayment functionality, get rid of the no-shows once and for all and maintain your turnover. 


Boost Guestonline’s power by connecting it to your favourite apps. POS, emailing service, online payment, online directory. Collect and gather your customer data in one place to offer your clients an experience always more personalised.  

An amazing iPad app

(also available on computer and smartphone)

Guestonline is connected with :

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Defend your independence !

Discover our values

Personal client database

Your customers remain your customers. You are the sole owner of your client database and we commit not to use it.

Commission-free bookings

We've eliminated fees per cover. Enjoy your unlimited online booking freely.

No commitment

We're building a trustful supplier-customer relationship. Let your plan evolve freely at any time.

The Team 

Antoine Girard, directeur de TableOnline

Antoine created Guestonline in 2007 between two waves. He's the one to contact for big news, big ideas, big partnerships but also to check surf and snow conditions before the week-end ..


Mickaël Gérard, responsable programmation

A real Creole who looks like a Zoreille ! He's the co-founder of Guestonline and IT Director. He develops Guestonline with the same agility he uses to ride down the Maïdo summit on his mountain bike.


Chief Developer
Vincent Roederer, responsable produit

On Saturdays his home turns into a real bakery ! He's also a gifted guitare player. The rest of the week, Vincent is a dedicated Product Manager. He's one of the eldest members of Guestonline, that he joined in 2009.


Caroline Gauthier, responsable partenariat

You'll often hear her burst out laughing while negotiating partnerships - in several languages. After a long experience in travels, she joined Guestonline to be in charge of partnerships and international development.


Partnerships & international