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30 days free trial

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Boost Guestonline’s power, connect your POS and other production tools in just a few clicks.

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Découvrez notre pack iPad Guestonline comprenant un iPad de dernière génération, un antivol et un support sécurisé.

Configured iPad pack sent in 48h : 890€ excl VAT / unit

1 latest generation iPad
1 steel protection support Heckler Design Windfall
1 anti-theft cable  Kensington


 iPad app production

Intelligent reservation book

Gather all your reservations in one single place. Add your phone bookings, your online bookings, Facebook bookings and even the ones coming from your online directories (The Fork, Michelin, Yelp, etc.)

Quick booking

When you have a client on the phone, you need to be quick and efficient. Consult your availabilities and take your reservation instantly with no effort.

Graphical floor plan on iPad

Consult you real-time capacity on the floor plan of your iPad. Assign each booking to one or several tables and prepare your service serenely.

Walk-ins management

Welcome and place your walk-in clients easily. Block a table and create a contact during or after the service.

Instant synchronisation

Take a reservation, add a contact or assign a table, your action is instantly synchronised on your iPads and computers. Working as a team becomes a simple game thanks to our new architecture.

Client history management

Honored bookings or no-show, your clients won’t have any secret anymore. Consult your clients history at a glance and get to know them better.

Tags and allergies

VIP, allergies, birthdays, etc. All your clients’ specificities can quickly be displayed and they will appear for each new booking.

Intelligent search

Type any keyword in the search toobar and we’ll do an in-depth search in your account database (contact, booking, note, etc.). Ask, find.

POS connection

Boost Guestonline’s power by connecting it with your  compatible POS. Simplify your client experience in your restaurant and gather additional data to personnalise his experience.

Secured database

Your booking data is precious. This is why we save your data regularly and securely on several servers  (bookings, client database, etc.). Your data is in good hands.

Regular updates

Benefit from the updates in your day to day operations.  Add new functionalities and make your app even more stable thanks to regular updates.

Offline performance

Power cut, isolated place, cellar are all factors that can interfere with your internet access. No Panic, Guestonline also works on offline mode and your data remains accessible until the next connection.

Online booking module


Choose your module languages between the six languages available. Activate the default language very simply.

Prepayment and credit card guarantee

Eliminate your no-shows and simplify the management of deposits by activating the prepayment or credit card guarantee functionality on your booking module.

Confirmations & SMS Reminders

Activate the SMS option. Your clients will receive a booking confirmation and an automatic reminder on the day.

Special offers and events management

Optimise your restaurant capacity by making special offers whenever you want (days, hours, number of covers…) on your own Website. Display events on your booking module.

Special Services Management

Brunch, breakfast or afternoon tea, set your special opening periods very simply.

Personalised booking module

Change the colours of your booking module so that it fits in perfectly with your Website.

Customised E-mails

This option allows you to change colours and logos of your customer emails to respect your corporate identity.

Advanced booking validation

Automatic, manual or mixed validation, choose the booking confirmation mode the most adapted to manage your online bookings.

Web Back-office

Centralisation of all your bookings

Thanks to our technology you can centralise all your online bookings (Website, Facebook, The Fork, Michelin …) as well as your phone bookings on your Guestonline reservation book.

Web floor plan

Consult your capacity in real time with your floor plan on the Web back-office. Assign each booking to one or several tables and prepare your service serenely.

Customer history management

Honored reservations or no-shows, your clients won’t have any secret for you anymore. Consult your client history at a glance and get to know them better.

Tags and allergies

VIP, allergies, birthdays, etc. All your customer specificities are displayed at a glance and will appear for each new booking.

Advanced printing

Print your bookings with all personalised fields and prepare your service at best. Different formats are available  (PDF, CSV, etc.)

Multi restaurants

You own several restaurants ? From the Web interface simply connect and switch from one restaurant to another in a second. You can visualise all your restaurants’ reservations and statistics without any restraint.

Gestion multi-comptes

Créez plusieurs comptes (employés, administrateurs…) avec les droits de votre choix et gérez les accès de votre personnel.

POS connection

You can connect Guestonline with our partner POS. Open your tables directly from your booking diary and collect the table bill into your database.

Integration & open Api

You want to integrate our technology more thoroughly, our API allows you to use our booking flows simply and rapidly.

Customer surveys

You want to receive your customer feedback ? Simply use the customer reviews manager.

Booking statistics

Consult your daily, weekly or monthly booking statistics in one single place. Analyse these metrics simply in order to anticipate your customers’ behaviour and optimise your restaurant capacity.

E-mailing and SMS tool

Send e-mail and SMS campaigns to your clients in a few clicks. Select diffrent clients or groups of clients in your database, create your campaign with the assistant editor and plan your campaign simply.

Mobile app

Push notifications

No more hassle during the break between two services or while going to the market. Be notified instantly of new booking requests directly on your app. Accept or refuse them in one click, all your devices will be synchronised.

Quick booking

When you have a client on the phone, you need to be quick and efficient. Consult your availabilities and log your reservation instantly and effortlessly.

Client database

You have a client database at your fingertips. Open your app and access your customer information (customer details, number of bookings, etc.)

Multi-restaurants management

You own several restaurants and you’re always running after time ? Manage your different restaurants simply on one and single mobile app.

And for your more specific needs…
Online payment when booking / 2,3% excl VAT (and 3,8% excl VAT for non E.U. cards) of the transaction amount + 0,25€ excl VAT per operation.

You’ve had enough handling checks for deposits ? You’ve had enough of clients who don’t turn up ? Say goodbye to no-shows and optimise your capacity by activating online prepayment or credit card guarantee straight from the online booking module on your Website. It will also help you organise your special events such as Valentine’s or New Year’s eve and thus collect your deposits very simply. The commissionnement rate of our prepayment system is amongst the lowest on the market.

Personalised distance training for Guestonline / 299€ excl VAT per training session

Personalised training according to your restaurant specific constraints. 2 hours distant learning session dispensed by one of our experts. No limit to the number of participants to the training session.

Tailored concierge service / 19€ excl VAT per month.

You’re always running after time and user manuals aren’t your favourite bedside books ?

The concierge service is here to help you. Express your needs and we’ll deal with it.

Have you got another question Sir  ?

SMS booking notification option / 0,08 € excl VAT per SMS.

This service allows to send automatic booking validation by SMS. Very handy particularly for your foreign clients or non technophile customers who don’t always have access to their mailbox. 

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